Christmas Cup

Christmas Cup 2019

21th International Youth Hockey Tournament
Most & Bílina, Czech Republic


CHRISTMAS CUP International ice hockey tournament for youth and juniors

For Christmas Cup it contest yearly in christmas time since 1999. The best clubs and prestige drafts from all Europe participate periodically in this tournament, i.a. from England, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Latvia). During its existence the toutnament visited quite a number of cities of Czech republic (Praha, Plzeň, Kladno, Litvínov, Děčín, Chomutov, Kadaň, Litoměřice, Teplice, Bílinu a Most). It is fact, that the tournament is the big sport and culture event, because since first annual volume visited christmas cup a lot of famed celebrities from the public, sport and culture life. Remember at the least the hetman of north czech periphery, Mr. Jiří Šulc, city's mayor, Mr. Josef Horáček, city's mayor, Mr. Jiří Kulhánek, olympic winner, World champion and coach of last world champions, Mr. Vladimír Růžička, Stanley Cup winner, Mr. Petr Klíma, world champions, Mr. Jiří Kučera, Mr. František Kučera and Mr. Vladimír Kameš, singer, Mrs. Kristýna and music group Koule, wind orchestra Mostečanka and music group Miniband with singer, Mrs. Brigita Šebestová. During this years extended the tournament and that's why it belong to the biggest international ice hockey tournaments for youth and juniors in the Czech republic.

CHRISTMAS CUP Category / Age of players / Game Times

Cat. Age of players Start times Finish times Game times
U 16 2004 & younger 16/12/19 at 8 o’clock in the morning 18/12/19 at 16 o’clock in the afternoon 3x15 min.
U 14 2006 & younger 19/12/19 at 8 o’clock in the morning 21/12/19 at 16 o’clock in the afternoon 3x15 min.
U 12 2008 & younger 16/12/19 at 8 o’clock in the morning 18/12/19 at 16 o’clock in the afternoon 3x15 min.
U 10 2010 & younger 9/12/19 at 8 o’clock in the morning 11/12/19 at 16 o’clock in the afternoon 3x15 min.
U 9 2011 & younger 12/12/19 at 8 o’clock in the morning 13/12/19 at 16 o’clock in the afternoon 2x20 min.

Girls category 2004-2007 can be a maximum of 2.year older, Girls category 2008-2012 can be a maximum of 1.year older.
It is played in groups each with each and then play-off for each place (each team plays min. 5 matches). Organizer reserves the right to adjust the playing time.


1) Tournament dates and time, age of players and system of the tournament

U 16 2004/2005 16/12 – 18/12
U 14 2006/2007 19/12 – 21/12
U 12 2008/2009 16/12 – 18/12
U 10 2010/2011 09/12 – 11/12
U 9 2011/2012 12/12 – 13/12

Girls in the age categories U 14-16 - can be up to 2 years older, girls in the age categories U 9-12 can be max. 1 year older.

Participating teams are divided to groups where they meet each other in group. After group games continues play-off games and games for final placement in the tournament (each team has guaranteed to play 5 games in the tournament). Organizer reserves the right to adjust the game time.

2) Game times

In age categories U 10-16 applies 3x15 min. effective/stopped time, according to the rules of ice hockey.

In age category U 9 applies 2x20 min. of running time (participate 3 players and 1 goalie) according to the rules of mini ice hockey.

3) Rating of the tournament

  1. in groups: number of points achieved, mutual matches, goal difference, more goals scored, lot.
  2. in Play-off: winner of game must be known. If game finish in tie, penalty shots will apply (at first each team has 3 shots, then 1 shot until final decision). Note: Penalty shots must be done always “with a new player”. It is NOT allowed to use the same player for more penalty shots!!!

4) Prizes

  • each active participant of the tournament will receive a commemorative photo
  • after each match - announcement of the best players of match (diploma + some prize)
  • all teams will receive diplomas according to their final standing
  • teams on 1st-3rd place will receive cups and medals for each player
  • will be awarded also the best goalie, the best forward, the best defenseman, the most productive player

5) Conditions and way of login

Login to 31/09/2019 on e-mail:

Upon receipt of your application we will send you more info about the tournament and an invoice for the entry fee, accommodation, meals and transportation. Till 18/11/2019 you will receive game schedule of the tournament. By receiving game schedule of the tournament your participation is confirmed.

6) Entry fee

The entry fee for the tournament in age categories U 9–10 is 350 Euro and in age categories U 12–16 is 400 Euro, which covers ice rink rental, organisational matters such as time keeping, referees etc.

Please note that the tournament application is valid only when the registration fee is paid!

7) Accommodation and meals

Each team, which will have interest to participate in Christmas Cup 2019 should fill in the entry form. We ensure accommodation and catering. Accommodation and meals are provided exclusively by the organizer of the tournament.

If you wish, we can ensure also bus service, Praguesightseeing with special Englishspeaking guide, lunch at stylish Czech restaurant in Prague near Charles bridge or Venceslas square, translator, trips etc.

8) Cancellation fees

50 % off invoices 15 to 30 days, 80 % off invoices 4 to 14 days, 100 % off invoices 1 to 3 days.

9) Ice cleaning

In games 3x15 min. - after each game, in games 2x20 min. - after 2 matches.

10) Health services

Guaranteed by organizer.

11) Objections

All objections are necessary to be handed in written form at last in 15 minutes after finishing of the match to management and enclose the deposit of 500 CZK (Czech crowns). In case that the tournament management acknowledges your protest you will get the deposit back.

12) Referees

Group of referees is guaranteed by cup organizer.

13) Team jerseys

Each team has to bring 2 sets of team jerseys of different colours.

14) Identification of players

Foreign teams: passports, Czech teams: players’ cards.

CHRISTMAS CUP Registration Form

Please fill out this registration form or download the INVITATION, fill in and send by e-mail.

Filled Registration form send before 30/09/19. Upon receipt of your application we will send you more info about resp. tournament (accommodation, meals etc) and an invoice for payment of the entry fee, accommodation and meals. Till 16/11/19 you will receive tournament regulation/rules and tournament schedule. By receiving schedule of the tournament your participation is confirmed.


Chairmanship of the tournament Christmas Cup
Vl. Majakovského 2093
434 01 Most, Czech Republic
ID: 018 02 488
TAX: CZ01802488
Phone: + 420 736 673 448 | E-mail:

Bank Addres:
Komerční banka a.s.
Na Příkopě 33 č.p.969
114 07 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Bank account number is:
IBAN: CZ14 0100 0001 1567 9955 0237

General manager of the tournament Christmas Cup
Zdeněk Kolman
Phone: +420 736 673 448 | E-mail:

Manager for Europe
Vitalii Dobryshkin

Manager for Russia and Germany
Arsen Saakyan

Manager for Scandinavia and Canada
Radek Bachtík