Easter Cup 2022 - Result U 16


Easter Cup 2022 - Result U 16

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13. 4. Easter Cup 2022 - U 16 (2006) - Champions

1. HC Verva Litvínov (Cz), 2. Salute Germany Select (D), 3. Nord Stars (Cz), 4. Mostečtí Lvi (Cz)

Best players of Tournament

Competetions Player Team
Goalkeeper Nikita Kotov Salute Germany Select
Defender Petr Soušek HC Verva Litvínov
Forward Václav Raichl HC Verva Litvínov
The Most productive player Jaroslav Pospíšil Nord Stars

Skill competetions

Competetions Player Team
Speed Jonas Könber Salute Germany Select
Slalom Daniil Ronin Salute Germany Select
Shoot on target Matěj Kalvoda Nord Stars
Penalty - Player Lukáš Dostál HC Verva Litvínov
Penalty - Goalkeeper Samuel Macek Samuel Macek